Adrianne Finelli
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Bypass, multimedia installation, 2006


Bypass is an important project to me, as it is the first time that I work with an entire immediate family surrounding one issue—the father’s struggle with early stage Alzheimer’s disease.


I have had a personal relationship with this family for several years and have witnessed some of the transformations within their home life. With this project, I attempt to address the family’s issues of aging, with special focus on the father’s deteriorating health. Aging adds a new dimension of stress to a family—roles that were assumed solid and deeply ingrained begin to shift, dissolve and even disappear. An outcome of the project was a caregiver relief program for the mother, through more frequent visits by the couple’s two sons.


In November 2002, at eighty years old the father had extensive coronary bypass surgery; approximately thirteen months post-op he was diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.


Interviews were collected between October and November 2006. The installation was on view in the Warren Robbins Gallery and was part of Zack Denfeld’s Walking Thesis Tour.


Since the family has modified in healthy ways—currently a personal care assistant visits their home several times a week, and the sons’ visits have increased to allow their mother extended vacation time.