Adrianne Finelli
Folding and Unwrapping »

Folding & Unwrapping, multimedia installation, 2007


Folding & Unwrapping was produced in part during a research trip to Japan during the summer of 2007.  This project was informed by a collaboration in Hikone, Japan with artist Catherine Meier called A Letter to Hikone which was shown at ACT Station in downtown Hikone.  Folding & Unwrapping consisted of three components; a gift wrapping performance, a video essay about the motion of hands in Japan and the entirety of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War folded into paper cranes coupled by 1,000 colorful paper cranes suspended from the ceiling. 


This project was on view in Warren Robbins Gallery, September 2007 as part of the Waiting for Translation show, which featured seven artists’ reflections on travels in Japan.