Adrianne Finelli

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Studio #6: Free Haircuts for Stories, performance documentary, 2006


I thought of the idea for this project while I was cutting a fellow grad’s hair during my first year of graduate studies at the University of Michigan’s School of Art & Design.  Realizing that this was the best exchange I had since moving to Ann Arbor, I decided to make cutting hair for conversation a project.  This project also served my interest for a more reciprocal way of collecting personal narratives, by providing a service in exchange for a story.  


I bought an orange styling chair and setup a makeshift salon in a corner of my studio, printed up cards and started booking appointments.  I placed a camera behind the subject to capture the haircut and our interaction being reflected in the mirror, and set a shotgun microphone on the tabletop.  People talked about everything in this chair: their bodies, childhood, relationship with family, fears of death, sex and romance. 


In February 2007 the project was invited to participate in Prof. Satoru Takashi’s PsychoTrope exhibition.  Studio #6 moved into Jean Paul Slusser Gallery for the month, appointments and walk-in hours were available during the gallery’s operating hours.  The Ann Arbor News included a brief review of the installation.


This is an ongoing project—need a haircut?  Setup an appointment.