Adrianne Finelli
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Indications for Meditation, single-channel video, 7 minutes, 2003


Indications for Meditation was made during my studies in Film & Media Arts at Temple University.  The piece is a collaboration with Jesse Galle, a friend who underwent surgery for a heart transplant at age 19.  The project incorporates recordings of Galle’s personal journals and his medical documents while hospitalized.  Jesse and I set out to make an experimental short that would promote organ donor awareness in an artistic and more complex way.  The video is set to music that Galle wrote while in the hospital waiting for his new heart.


After the short premiered in our hometown of Bethlehem, PA as part of the Southside Film Festival, Jesse’s mother hugged me and said, “Thank you, I had no idea.”  Her reaction to the piece left me in awe of the power that personal narratives of trauma and loss had within the context of families. This early piece is still very important to me, as it has served as an origin for the type of projects I continue to work on.


Indications for Meditation has been screened at festivals throughout the US.  It has also been screened in college courses addressing Grief and Loss, and has been used as patient therapy for transplant recipients.


Galle now lives and works in New York City for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and has written a column entitled Indications for Meditation for the Gift of Life newsletter.